bodega-ridgeAfter a month and a bit of being in my own little world and a paradise of sea, sun, solitude, writing, reading, and thinking, I have to head back to The Real World tomorrow. I have that horrible back to school feeling, like I have to say goodbye to freedom and every thing that’s become familiar and favourite. Even though it’s really just the end of a small chapter,  it’s still 1/12th of my year that I’ve spent here, so perhaps not such a small chapter after all?

In that 1/12th, I’ve felt like I’ve become a part of the small community here. I know the neighbours, I’ve developed routines, and I’ve become a familiar figure. I’ve even had some books held for me without asking at the bookstore after becoming That Girl Who Bought All the Georgette Heyer Books (long story – I’ll save that for another post). I’ve created an uneasy alliance with the heron on the dock. I’ve got used to the sounds of the kingfishers and otters. I’ve learned the rhythms of the ferry traffic and the weird hours of all the shops. And I’ve regained a little piece of my soul.

It has been a magical journey and I am loathe to end it. I can only hope I can carry some of this paradise within me. And that I can return soon.