Happy HanksgivingAs we prepare to expand our stomachs, groan with indulgence, and mutter a few words of thanks (pretending to be grateful while we reach for the Pepto Bismol), I am sparing some thoughts for what I am truly grateful for today, this weekend, this month,,, this moment.

While I’ve been very grumpy the last month and a bit (sprained ankle, too much work, election campaign ads, the flu), I am aware that I have many things that I am thankful for in my life and I do want to take a conscious moment to acknowledge the many positive things that I have in and are aware of in my life (in this non-parallel but heartfelt list):

  • despite hating most of the options and being ashamed of the choices of the parties, I can at least vote in a democratic process
  • my ankle is on the mend and although I’ve had on and off pain from past injuries on the same leg and it may cause longer term problems, I don’t live with chronic pain every day of my life
  • family – as crazy and sometimes annoying as we all can be, it’s an excellent thing to have
  • the family I can choose (my friends)
  • technology to contact said family and friends
  • my insane high maintenance dog who brings me joy every day
  • the ability to walk safely down the street by myself and catch (mostly) working public transit
  • access to clean water and a choice over what I eat
  • that I’m so busy with work that it’s making me tired
  • a supportive, hilarious, loving partner
  • a home that, while is not strictly our own, we can call home
  • choices
  • a mind of my own.

Yes, my friends, there is a lot to be thankful for any day of the week.

Happy Thanksgivin’er.