dragging anchorI’ve been musing so much on time lately. It feels like things change so quickly and time goes by in a flash, and yet some days it feels like nothing has changed, nothing has moved, nothing has grown. Is this the inevitable process of life?

I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships, too. How do we sustain our friendships? Our relationships of all kinds? These also take time. It’s hard not to just have everything fade into the background in the busy-ness of the day to day. And I find it really hard to accept being left behind, too.

One of the biggest challenges of moving away from my home was that I left my friends behind. I know that many of these friendships would’ve changed as we ourselves changed, but loneliness was one of the biggest things I had to face and accept when I moved here. And as great as it is to have all these technologies at our fingertips that can keep us in touch, in a lot of ways, I feel even more detached, because it also means there are many more ways to be ignored.

It’s hard, too, because not only do friendships and relationships with others take time, but the relationship we have with ourselves also takes time.

Sometimes being a grown up sucks.