After a stressful run of things, and then an incredible holiday, I’ve been settling back into reality a bit. I feel a lot more relaxed and am trying to keep a positive frame of mind. I’ve intentionally taken on a lighter work load and am hoping to concentrate more on writing. And on growing things.

Backyard veggie garden
Early stages .

Of course there’s all the metaphorical growth that I need to focus on, but I’m referring specifically to growing a veggie garden. It’s certainly a lot of work (much like inner growth), but I’m hoping for fresh salad at the end of it 🙂 It’s been quite the project. Our downstairs neighbours used to have (informal) custody of the back yard and for quite a while, they had a veggie patch going. In fact, when we moved in almost 6 years ago, we were presented with a bulging bag of tomatoes, courgettes, etc. Due, however, to injury, neither of them have been able to continue the garden, and so, for the last two years, it’s become a dandelion cultivation project.

This year, Le Husband decided he wanted to take charge of it and start growing veggies. And so the epic task began. It’s no mean feat, clearing two years worth of growth, blackberries, dandelions and buttercups. It took a LOT of sweat, many many full bags of roots and dirt, and then the digging and spreading. While this was happening, I started with some seeds indoors. It’s a weirdly maternal feeling watching the little seedlings emerge and it’s with a similar sense of wonder and fear that I’ve kept an eye on them. (They don’t wake me up at night though).

And finally the garden was ready. I’ve now planted my seedlings and a bunch of seeds as well, and now I can only wait and see. I have a horrible feeling I should’ve waited a bit longer on the seedlings and it’s a very hot day today, so who knows if they’ll even survive Day One, but it’s been fun and good exercise, and at the end of it, I hope that we have a nice crop of all sorts of exciting things. I’ve gone for herbs, lettuce, chard, beetroots, carrots, spinach, beans, cucumbers, courgettes, and some edible flowers s well. I’ve also included some bee friendly wild flowers in a little patch of their own. I also have a plot to add some containers of strawberries too.

Now I can only hope that as my physical garden grows, so does my metaphorical one. And if anyone has tips for either one, please feel free to comment 🙂