Handle with care.

Oh crikey. I think I’ve about run through all my bad luck for the yea,r and the rest of it is going to be bloody marvellous (or it damn well better be).

On top of everything I was whinging about in a recent post, just before bed last night, my poor dog got skunk sprayed. Bullseye. Right between the eyes. Poor guy had a yellow bindi of blessed skunk extract. There was much cursing, washing, throwing away of clothes (mine), collars (his), etc. and late night shop trips to find hydrogen peroxide (apparently a mix of this, bicarb and dish soap works best), burning of essential oils, opening of windows, scrubbing of everything, 2am showers, etc. And repeat. All day today.

And the most ridiculous thing is that I was saying to a colleague a few days ago that after the kind of week I’d been having, I bet my dog would get sick and it’d be the middle of a night on the weekend. Don’t you hate it when you’re right? Well thank goodness he didn’t get too sick (he puked immediately – as did I a little later. I really had no idea just how vicious it is!!), and it’s more an inconvenience than anything else. No vet trips or anything, just a lot of washing and applying of special deskunking wash etc. Poor guy will have a good story to tell at the park.

Now can we be done with all of this kak, universe?