1981780_10153876681125391_1167833288_nI have been W-I-G-G-I-N-G out the last few weeks! You know that feeling where you move from positivity to crying heap to giddy mess? I’ve been through them all and feel like the cycle is starting again.

I have not had this much teaching work to do since I taught full time. I’ve had to convert two courses into online ones at the last minute. I’m in my last week of all courses, and marking marking marking. The film festival I volunteer for is also coming up and that’s been a LOT of work and emails and admin with that… and then all sorts of shitty or weird or trying or just adminy type other things keep coming up:

  • hit a parked car last week (good karma – left a note – the lady was super nice but ICBC sure isn’t shy about rogering one on one’s premiums even with a safe driving record!)
  • can’t file taxes until final paperwork from bank has come through so delaying my husband from filing
  • laptop has been acting up and was misinformed by HP and wasted ages on phone calls and troubleshooting etc. etc. and now it has developed more problems
  • haven’t been able to sleep
  • dog was going beserk and wouldn’t stop barking today while I was trying to get work done
  • students are being very needy and sending a million emails
  • left my phone at home when I really needed it
  • a car was on fire on the next block in the middle of the night – sirens, noise, billowing scary smoke

And on an on. It’s not like I’m ill or dying or anything really serious but I just feel BURIED! I’m trying to take deep breaths and just go through everything one bit at a time, but I swear I feel like I’m going BATTY just trying to catch all the rowdy monkeys and put them back in the cage and keep them all happy and quiet. I just want to lie down and let waves cover me.

Thank god we’re going away (HAAAAAAAWAAAAAIII!!! – can’t wait – but even that is causing stress because I still have to organise a ton of things).

I’m trying to avoid the cycle of “busyness” and stress but man is it almost impossible when there’s no off switch…

Not my monkeys. Not my circus. New mantra.