Beetroots #100HappyDays
Today’s #100HappyDays

Although I flaked on posting my #100HappyDays pics on my blog (will have to do a moerse catch up one of these days), I have still been doing them and posting them on Facebook (mostly because it’s the easiest way to do it). A few times I’ve felt a bit pressured to make sure I remember to take a pic and post it, and to find something kind of cool to capture,  but then I’ve also been trying to remind myself to just c-h-i-l-l and use it as a way to be more mindful. I don’t want to turn it into something that makes me UNhappy because I feel like I have to complete it as a “to do”. That defeats the purpose.

I’ve been enjoying noticing little things here and there and it’s been a good focus on paying attention to positive cues and things that make me feel good. I’ve been feeling a bit stressed out and wiggy over the last few weeks (lots of work catch up and other stuff going on – hamster wheel brain!), so it has been a nice, gentle, fun reminder to take it slow, breathe, and be more present. Something the old monkey/hamster wheel mind doesn’t like to do often.

I’ve also been trying to get myself to write more. I know (and always have known) that this is something that makes me incredibly happy/absorbed/at peace/most myself. I just don’t schedule enough time to do it. It’s one of my happiness project goals to focus on more writing. Hey, even one of those dumb Buzzfeed or Zimbio quizzes came up “Writer” (also that I am a rusty hook and should live in Portland…)

Blogging more is part of that goal, so I hope to keep at it, and build a habit.

But no pressure…