read-books-that-you-enjoyI absolutely adore books. I read really fast, so I tend not to retain a lot (which is great if I just want to reread something quickly but not so great for remembering plot lines…). I will pretty much read anything. Anywhere. Any time. (That’s why I struggle with e-readers – you can’t read them in the bath safely).

After many years of study and three degrees later each with a focus on some kind of literary analysis in them, I have found that I often need to just reread my favourites or try for something not too challenging in order to avoid feeling like I’m overanalysing. I also started to realise after a while that I didn’t really enjoy reading anything that made me feel bad, especially when I have to be very careful around my mood as it is, so I find myself rereading a lot of Jane Austen, Harry Potter, Tolkien etc. I also have turned to fantasy serieses and Young Adult books.

And jeez, I just read the final book in the Hunger Games triology, Mockingjay. I started it last night (bad move, as I wanted to go to sleep early and those plans fell out the window…) and I just finished it up and feel like I just went through the wringer (in a good way). I bawled my eyes out, my bad nail biting habit came back, I bit my lip and felt exhausted afterwards. Having not seen the movies, I see what the fuss was about and why it’s become one of those mass favourites. It’s definitely not for young kids and it’s so raw and intense that I was thoroughly absorbed. I didn’t expect to be so impressed!

I love books that make me not want to stop reading. I love books that reel me in and make me feel a part of their world. I love books that make me desperate to find out what will happen to the characters in the end. I’d say Collins successfully checked these three points to a certain degree.

The only problem now is, what to read next?