Image of Nelson MandelaSo much is being said and done about Madiba’s passing.

I’m immensely sad that he is gone but relieved for him – he can be at peace now. I have so many thoughts in my head about him and what he meant to me but I feel like there is so much already being said elsewhere that I don’t even know where to start. A serious highlight for me, though, was when he attended my Honours graduation. Graca Michel’s (his wife) son was in the same graduation ceremony as I  and so Madiba attended and what struck me was how little fuss he made and how he really unobtrusively (or as unobstrusively as he could, being who he was) attended to support his stepson – not taking away any glory from him and his achievements. 

I could go on and on about what he meant to me as a South African, how struck I am by the overwhelming love felt for him around the world, how homesick it has made me, how sad I find those trying to belittle him, etc. but all I really want to add is this, one of my favourite quotes of his, because I think it really summed up a lot about him:

“It is music and dancing that makes me feel at peace with the world and myself” 

Hamba gahle, Tata.