Are you having fun yet?Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my life and my talents.

I blink, sometimes, and the week or month or year has gone. Something I’ve been struggling with ever since I got here is trying to make friends (I’m almost sick of this topic by now) and since I quit drinking too, I feel like I’m a bit lost in terms of a social life. So I’ve been thinking a lot lately that, given that I struggle with depression, and given that I want to not feel like I’m letting the precious days I have on this earth melt away, I’m trying to resolve to HAVE MORE FUN. In whatever shape or form that takes.

On Saturday, I put on some of my favourite old school kwaito and danced around my house (with my dog looking on, bemused but wary) for over an hour. Today I started a collection for a local women’s shelter. I invited family over for a dinner that’s coming up in a few weeks (and I’m cooking for everyone). I’m trying to blog more. And I’m trying to really think about what brings me joy and what feels like fun.

I want to start accepting more invitations and trying new things and trying not to be so afraid all the time. I want to write more. And worry less. I was reading an interview with Lena Dunham the other day and something she said really struck me – essentially her life philosophy is boiled down to “What can I do today to make tomorrow better?” I love this sentiment and I think my new resolution is to keep chanting this in my head (along with HAVE MORE FUN and one of my other new favourite mantras).

Are we having fun yet?