Duelling CatsI have a love hate relationship with Facecrack. It’s the one way I get to keep up to date with everyone in my life – the diaspora if you will – albeit sometimes on a very superficial level. I also get links to outrageous articles like this one (“Flower your buttocks?”, anyone?). But something I’ve noticed more and more is the phenomenon of users becoming the Switzerland in a verbal war.

It’s the online equivalent of being stuck between two of your friends who’ve just met each other and who start to argue at your birthday party, with you standing in between them, looking awkward and desperately hoping the doorbell will ring so you can escape. You post something (not intending to be controversial). Your friend comments. Another friend comments on that comment. They don’t know each other.  They only have you in common. They disagree. They begin to name call. Cut. Parry. Verbal insults fly. And you’re left covered lightly in (virtual) spittle and flecks of blood, wondering WT Fuck just happened. You only wanted to share that cute kitten vs. ball of wool video.

Do you say something? Slip quietly away and drown yourself in the punch? Delete the comments? Unfriend both of them for being douchecopters? Who knows?

We’re so over fighting in the comments section on poorly written Yahoo! News articles that now we’ve taken it to a more personal level.

Personally, I’m going to grab a slice of birthday cake, retire to the corner, and start taking bets.