Every time I think about writing a new post, I feel like I have so much to say and nothing at all to say at the same time. Or rather, there are so many things going around my head and some of them I want to share, but I’m too scared too, and others I can’t even verbalise, whether good or bad.

I am most definitely a worry-wort. Or is that worry-wart? (either way, what a weird expression!). A day or two ago a friend posted this on Facebook and immediately I decided I probably need this tattooed on my inner eyelids and written out a million times and posted all over my house:

Worry is misuse of imagination. I really, really wish I knew the source of it but, regardless, as I was trying to fall asleep last night, I found myself repeating variations of it (I couldn’t remember the exact wording) such as “worry is misguided imagination” or “worry is wasted imagination” – all of which lead to the same thing – I’m wasting my mind and my imagination on worrying about everything. Especially when I am trying to sleep.

I’ve always been a worrier, and although I go through phases of being able to just trust things will work out, I do often work myself up into a fit of stress (usually ending in getting sick, like this week), which doesn’t really get me anywhere except into Insomniaville. I have had an incredibly difficult and stressful past few weeks with a ton of things to do and the even half way through, I still have a million and one other things to get done.

So I am going to try and use this as my mantra and try and repeat it when I start to worry, because my imagination has far better things to do and I don’t really fancy the idea of eyelid tats….