Tofino Surfer VanAh man, I love going to a place like Tofino. Yes, there’s the ocean, rain forest, and all that exquisite scenery, but maybe one of the best parts is the people watching in the town of Tofino itself. 

The majority of the people living and working in the businesses like the surf shops and coffee shops seem to be from elsewhere (in Canada and the world) and they seem to have come to Tofino with the intent of  being… well… more Tofino-y than the actual locals?? It’s hilarious to see the girls with weird beanies/toques perched on their heads and Uggs with ratty shorts, dudes in those hideous 5-toe running shoes/barefoot shoes/chipolata holders and rainbow hemp pants, or the surf instructors with carefully highlighted hair and their beaten up trucks. It’s like they go there and take the uniform and accessories with them.

They’re like the surf version of hipsters. Hippy-sters if you will. 

Bless ’em.