VSAFFbannerAs part of my volunteering for Education Without Borders, I’ve been working on the social media marketing for the Vancouver South African Film Festival, coming up from 13-14 April at SFU Woodwards in downtown Van.

There is a super exciting range of films, shorts, and documentaries  – it’s so great that there is a variety of comedy, drama, etc. and not the expected political same old same old that I get so bored of. I remember when I was teaching History of Film at the University of Cape Town, one of my students said “I mean, why can’t we have an African Pie” and I heartily agree – well perhaps something a bit more sophisticated, like the gala film of the festival, Material… South Africa has such a range of talent that needs to be showcased and I think it’s a pity that people  focus on the past so much, not the vibrant present. So Material is definitely on my list!

I’ve bought a festival pass, so I’m also hoping to see Me, You, Mankosi; Hopeville; Little One (it just cleaned up at the SAFTAs and its producer, Anton Ernest, will be attending the festival), and Tracks Across Sand. The full schedule, as well as film write-ups, is on the VSAFF website.

Unfortunately because of my teaching schedule, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it, but South African comedian Nik Rabinowitz (who stars in Material), is also going to be doing a stand up show as part of the fundraising efforts; I believe there will also be a cheese and wine too… I did a short email interview with him, so if you’d like to know more about him, take a look.

So if you’re in Vancouver and you want to check out some quality South African movies, then get yourselves to the Vancouver South African Film Festival, mense. It supports a worthy cause and promises to be highly entertaining. Seriaase.