It’s so different going back where you’re from, in comparison to planning a trip somewhere new. One of the things you swiftly realise when you’re planning a trip back home is that no time is long enough to do it all. So, it’s not really travelling, it’s juggling.

You have to juggle all the different factors – friends, family, favourite places… how to combine all three or one at a time or none of the above. Then, given the South African diaspora, there are also likely other immigrants coming home for the holidays that you also want to try and see, and they’re doing all of their own juggling too.

Then there’s the list of favourite restaurants, trying to do a cheeky getaway, finding friends to stay with (without insulting anyone else), and trying to remember how to drive standard on the other side of the road.

Despite the surreal nature of it all, I can’t wait to be on that plane flying South for winter!