The days are flying and then dragging and then flying again. I’m at that point in the year where I just want to be on a plane already. I’m so tired of everything and I am definitely suffering from some forms of Seasonal Affective Disorder – the aptly named SADs – because I feel miserable and the darkness is driving me crazy. 

I would’ve thought, before I had to experience Daylight Savings changes, that I would gladly give up a bit of sunshine for extra sleep. But bugger that. It’s hideously dark so early and November is notoriously rainy here, and so when the darkness begins, it is more than just physical. 

My part-time teaching work has been incredibly stressful as, not only is is the last few weeks of term, but on top of that, we have had ongoing job action/strike action. I have been lucky so far that my students have not yet been affected, but next week, one of my classes is cancelled. The frustration for everyone is that everybody except the decision makers are being impacted. Students will get incomplete grades if their exams are cancelled, I will have to work much harder to catch up, and the managers still keep getting paid… Ugh. 

Usually I don’t like wishing time away, but man, I just want to be home already. Bring on the Southern Hemisphere…. STAT!