City at NightI’m sure if I go back through my archives, I’ll find that I’ve written 98% of my posts on the weather and how much it has affected me since I moved to Vancouver. It’s a boring topic and yet pertinent. As Daylight Savings ends, and we’re now plunged into 4.45pm sunsets, I realise more and more just how much my mood and energy levels are slammed by the darkness.

Now that I’ve become way more acclimatised to the cold, I know now that it’s not that that bothers me as much as it is the gray sky and the darkness. Daylight Savings is the dumbest thing. If they just left it the same all year round, I’m sure we’d all save money on power, Vitamin D supplements, and anti-depressants!

I’m so glad that I caught some extra sunshine in San Fransisco and that I’m going to have a southern hemisphere Christmas, but my god, how will I survive until then??? It seems inhumane to have to live under a constant cloud (metaphorical and literal)… I just am so thankful that I live in a place that, regardless of the doom and gloom, has such spectacular natural beauty. I couldn’t cope otherwise.

And as this time of year rolls around, I’m always astounded to think that I arrived in the city almost 8 years ago to the day in the middle of November…. and I stayed. And came back! There has to be something about the place.

And so to cope, I am on the couch, with a snoring Frenchie on my lap, and I’m layering up, catching up on writing, and reading The Hobbit… while drinking my first hot chocolate of the season and burrowing ever deeper under a duvet.

Now is the winter of our discontent… and chapped lips.