The time has come, and all of that Walrus-related stuff…. I’ve booked a ticket home to Cape Town for December, and now that the initial heart failure at the cost has started to abate, I’m getting excited!

This will be my first time back in two years, and for The Husband, the first time back since we moved here (almost six years ago now). Both of us are really looking forward to the surfeit of good food, good friends, and good weather! As my family is still there, we’ll have a southern hemisphere sunny Christmas, and of course we have to squeeze in time communing with nature.

It’s weird planning a trip home….

Partly, I think, because it’s not exactly home anymore, but it’s still where I’m from and where a huge part of me belongs. It’s also weird planning ‘touristy’ lists of To Dos when it’s home, too. But I’m so happy we’re doing this. I think it’ll be good all round – to see what it’s like now, two years/six years on, how I feel when there, how I feel when back… you know, all the complex things that we immigrants go through.

And as autumn has struck with a vengeance, I’m even happier to be heading south to warmer climes…