Sometimes “a change is as good as a holiday” is not just a horrendous cliche. I’m watching the seabus go back and forth and the clouds moving above the mountains in the distance. There are two tankers, with piles of chalk-yellow sulphur behind them. Busy floatplanes are taking off and landing. And every now and then I can see light off a truck bustling across the Lions Gate Bridge.

I’m cat- and flat- sitting for a friend and she has a fantastic view from her bedroom, so here I am. It’s peaceful (and oddly quiet without the snorking sound of Spock, our Frenchie) and cozy. It’s weird transporting oneself into someone else’s space for a while; it makes me think of the different paths life can take.

I think if I could choose some form of power, it would be to see what my life would be like if I’d made different choices – a way to see what the different possible paths would look like given the alternatives I was presented with at different moments. That’d be fascinating, wouldn’t it? To be able to take a peek at things that you can only ever sit and wonder about in retrospect. Would the knowledge, though, just drive me crazy? I guess the trick would be making sure you also had the power to leap into which ever life you felt was more suited to you if you felt like there was a better one than the one you’re in. It’d certainly be strange.

 Sometimes I feel like life is like that old 90s Gwyneth Paltrow movie Sliding Doors* – parallel existences with different outcomes, but with the message that ultimately the life you are in is the right one and that things that may seem like adversities in the beginning are actually hidden blessings. I do believe that no choice is ultimately the wrong one, there are just very different ones and these can lead to a myriad outcomes. I guess the trick to contentment is to learn not to doubt the choices we make, and to not allow ourselves to live a life that we would trade in a second if we could…

After all, they also say “Curiosity killed the cat…”* *

* Though without the annoying butchery of Monty Python….
* * Perhaps this is not what you want to hear from your cat sitter… I mean this purely figuratively, of course.