I’m surly, and damp. Chicks dig it. 

Guys always complain that chicks love rich guys and assholes. I’ve finally figured out why. It’s the Mr. Darcy complex.

He’s dashing, incredibly wealthy, and an aloof,  stuck up prick. Of course, he does turn out to also be honest, principled, and a kind and affectionate brother, but Lizzy (smart, sassy, sensible) falls for him – I’m pretty convinced it happens even before he changes his behaviour.*

Boom! That’s were it all starts. Bad boys. We love ’em. Especially when they frolic in lochs, wearing pirate shirts. And we think that they must have some hidden depths, just like good old Fitzwilliam, so we go for it, expecting to nurture and change the behaviour. Sadly, some (could I argue most?) bad boys’ depths are akin to those of the Kardashians…

However, I think we could look past all that and live through the trauma if they have the modern equivalent of “ten thousand pounds a year” and a Pemberley of their own, n’est pas?

*Of course this is a horrible over simplification of the story and this concept. But I don’t care. It’s my blog. SO there.