The day has slumped into afternoon and I have no clue what I have done besides fill the birdfeeder, read The Oatmeal, check my various work and non-work emails, and posted a pic about Litter Milk on Facebook. Oh, and finally listened to the whole of Die Antwoord CD. I mused a bit over the various work projects I have to do, have made few lists and checked some of them twice, like the old jolly bloke, and…. what else?

I watered the plants. Inside, of course. It’s frikkin’ freezing out there despite the sunshine, so sorry garden, your turn will come when it stops being 1C out there and when chunks of tube shaped ice stop coming out of the hosepipe.

Perhaps you can tell I feel somewhat stalled today?

For example, I should be marking midterms and completing a project for a client, but I feel totally paralysed and overly tired. It took me forever to fall asleep last night and then I had weird dreams (nothing new there, but they went on forever and made me feel even more tired this morning).

I hate feeling like I am wasting time, and I also hate feeling like I am obliged to do certain things, and I know I sometimes need a day of rest, but when you end up with that icky feeling, like you are disappointed in yourself for wasting time, perhaps it means the red flags are up and it’s time to actually do some of the stuff on that list? Hmmm….

It’s so much nicer to just sommer play, play kak music loud, ne?