There is nothing that makes me procrastinate more or dream of doing other things with my time as marking. I have a pile of it, and instead, here I am, thinking of other things, and writing a blog post.

I intentionally came to the Starbucks to avoid the distractions of home, but made the fatal mistake of bringing my laptop…. Oh free Wireless, you are the devil’s work. And so here I am, stalling majorly, instead of just buckling down and doing it. I really think that marking is the thing that makes me the most frustrated. It’s the time it takes, and knowing that most of the time, they don’t even read the comments. And it is also really frustrating when it seems that everything you have been teaching and talking about for the last 6 weeks went in one ear and out the other.
Of course, there are some glimmers of hope, when you can see someone improve, or demonstrate their understanding of the concepts, but mostly it is just boring and depressing. The least favourite part of the job. And yet, I can’t imagine having a TA mark everything for me. I wouldn’t say no, but then I think it would also make me very detached from the students and I would feel like I had no clue as to whether they were succeeding or floundering. I guess the big problem, too, is that marking is so subjective when it is not a subject that has a strict right or wrong answer, and so a lot really is up to some rather personal interpretations.
Sigh… anyway, I don’t have a TA, and I don’t have any excuse other than being extremely undisciplined, so I had better get back to the pile. I guess I can thank the marking, though, for forcing me to do other things like write… just wish it wasn’t such negative reinforcement going on…
Red pen, HO!