I realised with a shock that it’s almost the end of October! Yes, the Christmas decorations have been competing with the Halloween decorations for the last two months at least, but when you look at the calendar and suddenly realise that 2011 is not so far away, it is totally terrifying!!

Each day, to paraphrase Jung, we fight apathy to decide whether or not to get up in the morning. Some days it is a LOT harder than others (especially when you confuse your cellphone text sound and the doorbell ringing – happened to me yesterday!). We have our tasks and our “to dos” and in between, relationships, life, friendships, family, anniversaries, shopping, laundry, love, taking time to walk barefoot on the grass or have a cup of tea in the sunshine…..

It can sometimes feel really overwhelming and crazy out there, and I know I often (as an entrepreneur) have to fight the urge to just hide at the computer (or under the duvet!), or allow myself to be distracted by time suckers like Facebook… It can be very hard to work that balance out each day. I also find that as the weather changes, and we descend into the darkness of winter, it gets even harder! My body and brain still don’t believe that it should be winter at this time of year… I fight the Northern Hemisphere!!

It is so strange to think that our lives revolve on an illusionary construct: time. We set appointments, meetings, classes, tasks… all based on something that doesn’t really exist. It’s weird, isn’t it? I’ve started counting the sleeps til my visit to South Africa at the end of the year (the first time in almost 4 years) and it seems to far away, but at the same time, so soon. And I know when I am there, I will be willing time to slow down so that I can feel like I have reallly been there.


Speaking of time… I have a bunch of things I need to do. No wonder I don’t wear a watch… I hate being bound to the abstract…