It’s been a while, I know, since I last wrote. Often it is a bad sign, but it can also be a good one, especially when one is busy doing things like taking holidays to Mexico to hang out on the beach, drink Miami Vices and celebrate your only brother’s nuptials J In between there has been a lot of work (Meerkat and teaching). It’s been a busy few months and suddenly I find myself in June! How did this happen? The days are longer, much longer. Though still rather crappy, summer does seem just within reach.

It’s been a very interesting past few months. There was a lot of build up to the trip because of the wedding, and quite a lot of stress over what to wear, getting a dress made (it is VERY hard to find something for a fancy beach summery wedding in the dead of winter!) and of course the logistics of work, costs etc, so that definitely contributed to the feeling that the first part of the year just flew by. Of course the Olympic madness added to that.

Dancing till 6am and watching the sun set and rise over the sea was utterly blissful. Several times the Husband and I looked at each other as we lay sipping cocktails on the beach or next to Latin America’s biggest pool and said “why the (*&# do we live in Vancouver?” and also spent some time questioning why it is that all the beautiful, hot places are invariably the most messed up? Ugh. So frustrating. I reckon it’s to ensure that everyone doesn’t emigrate there. I mean look at poor Australia, inundated with South Africans :0) Of course so much of Mexico reminded me of South Africa and made me even more homesick and added to that, seeing my family for the first time in more than three years and seeing familiar faces of old friends, and meeting new ones, made me want to hop on a plane right back to Cape Town.

After our holiday, we had a week to catch up and do laundry before my parents arrived for a visit. We had a great time showing them around the city and managed to get away to Galiano Island too, which was fantastic. It was so great to show them our home, show my dad where we got married and be able to share our favourite places. It was very very hard to see them go and I was definitely very sad after they left.

One of the things I learned, though, is how important it is to plan for what happens after you go on a trip. We spend all this time planning and preparing to go away, but don’t really think about what we need to do when we get back to ensure we get back into a routine that works and that will keep us fulfilled and satisfied. It took me a few weeks, but things have perked up (post holiday blues are the worst!) and I am back teaching and have a nice group of students, and have been working on projects for my company, so it’s keeping me out of mischief and keeping my mind on my goals for the rest of 2010.

All so grown up, really J but if I shut my eyes, I can hear the sound of the waves and taste that Miami Vice. Hmmm. When are they going to hurry up and invent a teleporter…?