Ah Spring. So beautiful! Hard to believe this time last year we were all flailing about in the snow! Now it’s all daffodils and magnolias. And so is my mood.

It’s been a long road. Loooooong. Long. Long. But I do feel like the bursting forth of fresh shoots is all very suiting to the beginning of this year. It has already been very busy, but I am feeling strong and really enjoying myself.

It was great to have a break over the Olympics. Man, what insanity! I stayed away from downtown and was under self-imposed house arrest or confined myself to my ‘hood. Although a lot more people than usual were around, East Van was relatively quiet and away from the action. The Husband was working at one of the Olympic venues, so I didn’t see him for two weeks. We were like the proverbial ships in the night, although with a lot more grunting. Let me clarify, lest the perverts amongst you get all hot and bovvered. He was working graveyard shifts, so when he’d get home at 5am or 6am, I’d grunt and then roll over. And then when I’d get up a few hours later, I’d get a snort or murmur in return. This, people, is what marriage is all about.

It was certainly interesting to see just how bosbevok everyone went. Flags everywhere, mayhem, seas of red and white, lots of late night woo-hooing etc. I am not used to seeing such outright, vocal nationalism from usually polite, fairly restrained Canadians.

During this whole experience, I realized I am definitely becoming a Vancouverite, and clearly see this as home now, for the following reasons:

  1. I kept thinking, man, this sunshine is nice, but it better stop soon, otherwise all these *&%# tourists will think it is always like this, they’ll buy condos, hike up the property prices even more, and move here permanently. They have no right. It’s my city.
  2. As soon as the Olympics were over, I went back to cursing the public transport system that has gone back to its usual sorry state. (Before, I was so excited by the idea of basic amenities like working buses, and other phenomena of the First World. I am now blasé and even uppity about inefficient, late buses and rapid transit that shuts down before the average pensioner is in bed).
  3. People ask me for directions now, and I actually know where I am sending them.

Could this mean I am finally settled? I’d like to think so. I have also been so busy (in a good way), that I think I have had less time to dwell, and have had to just get on with it. (Often a very good thing).

I have a lot coming up, too, in the next while. In two weeks, we’ll be soaking in tequila and sunshine. Actually, confession, I can’t drink tequila, but I am planning on enjoying eight days of sun, friends, family, real beaches (hmm, maybe not a total Vancouverite after all 🙂 and of course my brother’s wedding in Sunny Acapulco. Should be an absolute blast. And then the Parentals will be joining us for two weeks, so basically, the next two months are going to be a blur. I also have teaching, new writing projects, and will be speaking at an upcoming networking event in April. (You can read more about my work exploits on my company blog, on the Meerkat Communications website).

Phew. Good thing I have all this energy right now and am ready to take over the world 🙂