So here we are. It looks a lot like 2009, but feels a whole lot better. I like. I’m not used to writing the new date yet – very awkward when trying to write a cheque. Or maybe I just don’t like writing cheques in general and therefore have a mental block against them? Who knows?

So I came across this very disturbing article today: “Roxxxy the sex robot makes her world debut“. Really? This is what advancements in technology have given us? I mean I am the last woman in the world to be a FemNazi (as I like to call them), but c’mon. Definite male invention here. Yes, there will be “Rocky” for women, but I can guarantee you, most women would want it to come not with “Frigid Frank” or “S & M Sam” programmable personalities, but rather a “Washes the Dishes Walter” or “Knows Where the Hell He Puts His Own Stuff and Doesn’t Have to Ask You Where it is Ken”. Now that would sell with the ladies!

And what the hell is up with this quote from the Roxxxy creator:

“I had a friend who passed away in 9/11,” Hines said. “I promised myself I would create a program to store his personality, and that became the foundation for Roxxxy True Companion.”

So, I’m sorry? You lost a friend tragically and it made you create… a sex toy??? Okaaaay, buddy. Whatever you say.

Man the world is full of weirdos and perverts (as is Vancouver – see previous post on this subject). It makes me feel rather normal in comparison. On that topic, I do have to share another precious interaction I had at the end of last year with another of Vancouver’s finest:

Picture the scene. Sitting on the bus, heading home after Christmas shopping, doing the Metro Sudoku. Old man comes and stands in the aisle, next to my seat.

Old Man: Hello. Merry Christmas. Nice to see you again.
Me (thinking): Never seen you in my life before. Say: Merry Christmas to you too.
Old Man: What’s your name? Do you have a boyfriend? You’re a nice lady.
Me (thinking): Oh god. Here we go. Say: I have a husband.
Old Man: Oh I’m so sorry, so sorry, I didn’t know.
Me (thinking) How could you know, you weirdo? I have gloves on so you can’t see my rings. Say: It’s ok
Old Man: My name is Bill. I was naughty today. What’s a pervert? Do you know what a pervert is?
Me (thinking) Oh Bill, I am pretty sure you know damn well what a pervert is. You, yourself, are a pervert. Say: Um, yes I do know.
Bill: What’s a pervert? I got into trouble today. I was naughty. What’s a pervert?
Me: (thinking) Oh god, please just leave me alone, I’m doing really well in this Sudoku, I just want to get home peacefully and your breath really stinks. Say: Um, ya, what lady?
Bill the Pervert: incoherent ramblings including the words pervert, lady, and lawyer.
Me: (thinking) oh god, if you touch me I will have to punch you in the groin. You are getting into my personal space now and I am really getting edgy.

At this stage. I have already very determinedly returned to my Sudoku and have been making non-committal noises in response to his incessant questions.

Finally, Bill the Perv turns away and shuffles off, possibly to get into trouble with some other young lady of his choice.

Hope he has a damn good lawyer.