Yes I know,it’s a total cliche and I’m almost sick of hearing myself say this, but what the hell happened to the last year? Never mind the last decade?? Perched on the edge of 2010, I can’t say I’m not glad to be moving into a new year, a new era.

It’s been such a strange year of so many glorious ups, and so many strange downs. I look back and think what did I DO with all my time? Yes, I got my business going which is a huge achievement, but what else? And then I start to think of all the self care that I have been doing, and the teaching, the business, road trips, friendships, and realise it has actually been a very full year. Difficult, but full.

We’re bracing ourselves here for the Olympics in a few months time. The city will be chaotic and I plan to remain under house arrest as much as possible. I do wonder what the news reports will have to talk about once that is all over… the inevitable fall out afterwards? Several other big things will be happening too – my brother’s wedding (which means a mini-break in Mexico – yay!) and a possible visit from a wonderful friend, perhaps a trip back to SA, and I have to get my papers in order and apply to become Canadian! It’s a strange thought, that.

A while ago, I finally realised that I am at home in Vancouver, and that being here allows me to have a certain life that I don’t think I could have in SA. I mean that emotionally, economically and culturally. But I can’t ever think of myself as anything other than South African. I am pretty sure I can have dual citizenship, and the temptation to have a passport that is worth something in other countries is great…. but swear allegiance to the Queen? Hmmm. Interesting thought.

I’ve been taking some much needed rest time and it has been really important for me to just let go, but I am starting to feel the call to action! Once I am over this silly cold I seem to have picked up, and we have fully entered into the new year, I have to get my proverbial shit together and start doing more! I have a plan of action for getting fit, and really aim to make this year one of a major lifestyle change in terms of exercise and diet. If this past year has been working on my mental and emotional and spiritual self, I need to also be as kind to my physical self.

So, you know, no big agendas, or anything…

So, 2009, I bid you adieu, with your front-butt skirts and flannel shirts, Twitter explosion and Tiger Woods scandals, Michael Jackson’s passing, and Obama… and I welcome 2010 with all its unknowns and potential.