Thought I would get in a quick blog post while my poor minions are writing their midterm. I am always reminded in this type of situation of a few things:

1. I am SO glad I don’t have to write exams anymore (despite panicked dreams to the contrary where I have to write an exam on something I haven’t studied!)

2. Invigilating is fun, because I get to mess around on the computer at the front of the room and IT DOESN’T MATTER because I’m the teacher and I say so.

3. People do not listen to instructions properly, nor do I think they read them. We have a tendency to lean towards instant gratification and that means we rush to ask before we have spent some time trying to figure things out for ourselves. This is disappointing because I know I learn through the process and the more time I take to figure it out, the better.

4. I agree with Timothy Ferriss – the task will expand to fill the time alloted.

5. I am so tired I could start yapping like a baboon, but that might frighten the stragglers.

6. I can’t wait to go camping!! (never thought I would hear myself saying this, but it’s true.). I can’t wait to get away and see something different, although not sure how I will cope with the 40 degree heat (and that’s celsius, people). I aim to take lots of pictures and bore people with them alter. I am very excited to be able to see more of my adopted land. I am ashamed to say I haven’t been anywhere other than the Gulf Islands, the sunshine coast and a little way into the province (about 2-3 hours outside of Vancouver). But I lived in Surrey, so I think that should count. A LOT.

7. I feel bad about giving people bad marks, unless they are full of attitude and I know they haven’t put any effort into the work. Then I feel it is fully justified and I have no qualms.

8. I get annoyed when students don’t learn my name, but I have learned theirs by the first class.

9. I can’t wait to get home to bed.

10. Immediately.