Hi everyone,

The SA Blog Awards are calling for nominations and I thought it would be fun to try and get nominated – for which I need your fabulous help!

Click on the blue tag at the bottom of this post. You have to nominate 3 blogs minimum IN TOTAL (so you dont have to nominate for every category) but there are lots of different categories and you CAN nominate the same blog for as many categories as you like. Ideally, I’d love for you to nominate me for Best Overseas SA Blog and Best SA Blog.

If you are looking for other SA bloggers to nominate for other sections, I have some great fellow bloggers that you should check out:

Trinny in Dubai ~ she reinvents her name and her location!

Miss N’tertainment ~ she rocks the Joburg arts and entertainment journo scene

Mahendra’s Ties ~ an old favourite, giving Ian Hanomansing a run for his money

Cowboys and Engines ~ Andy dishes on technology in SA

Plus many more you can find on the SA blogosphere.

SO go forth! nominate me! It’ll be good for your karma.


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