Poof! Just like that, it’s a new year!

Breaking with tradition, I made a list not of the 100 things I want to do in my life in general, but a list just for 2009. It contains all the things I want to achieve/do/buy etc. Just for me.

Of course topping the list is still finding a job! It is very hard right now to sift through the doom and gloom predicted by the media for continued job losses, low employment rates etc. Putting it in perspective, though, South Africa has an unemployment rate of 23.1%, whereas Canada’s unemployment rate sits at 6.3%. It’s all relative.
Of course, my trouble is that I am looking for something very specific, so that makes it all the harder, but I sure am glad I don’t work in the auto industry! I have a plan that involves options A (THE job), Plan B (a compromise job that isn’t exactly what I want but pays the bills) and Plan C (I walk into the nearest Mr Sub and throw myself at their mercy). Let’s hope I don’t have to resort to B or C! It’s all about Persistence and Patience, isn’t it?
SO what will 2009 bring? Who knows?! What a weird year it was last year. Lots of highs and lows, learning and growth. Difficult yes, but at least I am fortunate that I find myself continuously learning new things about my Self, my strengths and weaknesses and how I cope in the snow… The year started very well though with a package in the mail with three of my favourite things – a REAL letter! Yes!! A bar of imported chocolate!! And A MIXED CD! LH, you’re the best!

In the mean time, I am continuing to write for Suite101.com (new article on Job Interview tips is up) and am thinking of ideas of some other pieces (most likely for publications in South Africa), as well as some creative writing ideas. I aim to be more vigilant about my blog, am reading some interesting material about writing (currently Steven King’s On Writing) and am really thinking out this whole process of what it means to be a writer and how far I can and will take it.
So in the wise words of SPK, onward and upward, into 2009!