1. Change into your party frock AFTER you brush your teeth or eat yoghurt

2. Opt for practical over pretty when it’s snowing out

3. Never live in the same house as your landlords

4. Pee BEFORE you put on 17 layers of clothing and go outside

5. Don’t go anywhere near a cell phone or computer if you’re drunk

6. Don’t engage the angry crazies on public transit, only the happy ones

7. Don’t balance a plate of toast, a glass of water and a book in one hand while reaching for the phone. Ever.

8. Go home when you’re still having a good time, but are starting to get a bit tired

9. Don’t hit your husband in the face with a snow ball

10. And finally, don’t forget to listen to your heart. There’s nothing else you can do. Listen to your heart. He’s calling for you.