The world is a very strange place. It seems to be divided up into people who are kiff*, and people who are kak*. And it is amazing how the kak have the ability to spread their vile cruelty and general unhappiness onto the kiff, thereby possibly rendering the kiff kak. Unless you have learnt to deflect their kakness** with humour, patience and large pointed sticks.

I have long harboured the theory that a lot of people lack empathy, as well as common sense (which is the world’s biggest misnomer). Respect also seems to be a quality lacking in the general public (especially when travelling on public transport). I wonder if there is actually some sort of invisible thread that runs through our lives where we get to choose to follow the golden path of almighty kiffness, or stumble along the ratty, potholed back alley of kakness. And if we ever get to switch sides once we have started along that path. I like to think so, but the jury is still out.

In no particular order, here are some things that have made my day, or ruined it recently:

· Stephen Harper
· Rain
· Our feudal lords
· Mould
· Yappy dogs
· Huppies
· Dust
· Being on hold for 79 minutes
· Wendy’s ads
· Telemarketers
· Coronation Street
· The new Facebook
· Idiots

· Wreck Beach
· Flexible people
· Antihistamines
· ‘Two Small Men With Big Hearts’
· Employment Insurance
· Tandoori Palace
· My brother
· Mango Groove
· Self awareness
· Indian summers
· A letter from my mom

What’s on your list?

*Kiff = cool kak = crap
** SPellcheck’s suggestion for ‘kakness’ is krakens. I like that.