I’ve been thinking a lot about how the Universe works recently. Not in the Particle Collider kind of way, but in the odd and cunning twist-and-turn kind of way that it leads you to where you are meant to be. (Sjoe, that was a ridiculously complex and possibly nonsensical sentence). The recent traumatic event of trying to find housing in this city threw me into such a tizzy that I actually learnt something about myself. Waddya know?

We thought we had found a place, but let’s just say that Cryptic Man kept us guessing via his one line emails and when he never showed up for an appointment he’d made with us, we were motivated to look at another place, even though we were pretty certain we already had one. We happened to then get the 2nd place, which is bigger, better and more value for money. Later we discovered the poor guy had actually had a real family emergency, not one of those you fake to get out of a boring evening watching other people’s holiday slides. Sadly, his personal loss was our gain. I couldn’t help but marvel at how THINGS WORK OUT THE WAY THEY ARE MEANT TO! We saw so many dismal places, and had our hearts set on some of the decent ones, but clearly we were lead to this place which has everything we want. SO all’s well that ends well.
The whole thing, however, made me re-evaluate how I handle stress. Or don’t, as the case may be. When I resigned from The Institute, I was in such a good head space. I felt positive, excited and was really looking forward to the future. We had a great holiday and then it all seemed to take a turn when we got back. I realised that what I tend to do is get obsessed with something and I worry and worry and worry. I can’t sleep, I can’t focus on anything else and I get incredibly depressed. Gone is the sunny optimism and excitement. I also realised that what I do is to immediately let go of what makes me feel good (exercise, socialising, relaxing, writing, reading) and I get really worked up about Situation X. Everyone always says ‘think positively’ and I know (and have had my own personal lessons about this) I should have faith and trust it will all work out, but when I get into that Dark Place, it is very hard to have faith. I may be slow, but I am learning. Thanks to good friends and a little R and R, I was able to shift myself into a more positive frame of mind. And of course that is when the Universe laughed at me and everything fell into place.
Faith is a powerful thing. So is trust. It is so fragile and so elusive, yet sometimes so easy when you just allow it to happen.
I leave you with this great quote:
“Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see.” ~ William Newton Clark