I am in a seriously foul mind-space right now. I am seething with rage, wallowing in depression and generally feeling frustrated and fragile. This is not pretty.

Forced to move by circumstance, we have been thrown in to the worst rental market I have ever encountered. There are several reasons why now is NOT the time to be apartment hunting:

  1. This continues to be one of the world’s most desirable cities, hence the hundreds of people flocking here and competing for housing. Bastards.
  2. The housing market is mental. No one can afford to buy here unless they are a millionaire, so everyone has to rent. At the same, housing prices are finally seeing a drop, so there is probably some panic, causing more people to enter the rental market. Bastards.
  3. The 2010 Winter Olympics. Bastards.
  4. Students are on the move because the new school year has just started. Bastards.
  5. We live in what once was ‘the wrong side of the tracks’, but has now become the trendy place to be. Pooh to gentrification! Down with huppies!** Bastards.

So we join the thronging herds, lining up patiently to view crummy, overpriced dumps, dutifully filling in application form after application form and we continue to wonder why two decent people with sufficient income, no history of psychotic episodes and no pets can’t find a place to live! The worst of it is that our current place is great, bar the psychopaths who happen to own it and live upstairs. SO because of miserable tyrants, WE have to be inconvenienced and stressed out. Does anyone else see the injustice in this?

Blegh. I’m off to scour the murky depths of Craigslist with all the other homeless desperados. Bastards.

**Although I am sure someone else must have used this before, I thought of it all on my own. Huppie = hippie yuppy.