‘It is a truth universally acknowledged’, as Jane might say, that when one part of your life is going well, the rest seems, well, a little kak. As we approach what is apparently our leather anniversary (according to tradition and this website**), things are great with us, but on the work and job front, things are strange and unsettled.

We continue to feel like downtrodden peons. The feudal lords (or in this case ladies) have made it clear we are not welcome and so what can one do but begin to think of greener pastures? And while I have absolutely NO regrets in resigning from The Institute, there is that anxiety of starting a new search and a new path… and what with a birthday coming up too, it all feels rather big and overwhelming.

I am trying not to whine, or to focus too much on the negative, but it is hard not to let it all get you down. So perhaps I will just distract myself by perusing the Internet for an appropriate leather item for The Man.

**I am guessing you now know the person well enough to suggest a few whips and chains? How DO they come up with these lists?