There were no plans to have another post until AFTER upcoming exciting trip to California and Nevada, but I can’t resist a challenge… Damn you, marksmith, and your cold medication!

In joining the meme revolution, I reveal 8 things you may not know about me…

1. I have a complete phobia of wait for it… BELLY BUTTONS. I am sure it must be some deep-seated Freudian mother issue. I can’t stand looking at other peoples’ wormholes, even writing about it makes me feel icky, and despite my husband’s attempts at conditioning therapy, they still freak me out. I think it’s to do with how it feels when you touch it, so when I see other people touching theirs, I get that weird feeling and I totally wig out.

2. I get really panicky if I am pulling a shirt over my head and it gets stuck. Or if I am trying on a shirt and it is too tight, I get really freaked out, like I am going to suffocate and die and they’ll find me half naked in the change room under those ugly, unflattering bulbs and mirrors.

3. When I was young and people asked me where I got my red hair from (my mom is blonde, my dad is dark-haired), I’d tell them it was from the Dairy Maid man… boy has my mom got some explaining to do!

4. I hate weirdly textured foods like raw tomato and watermelon.

5. I broke my nose when I was in Sub A at my brother’s cub scouts den (or whatever the hell those twisted freaks called it) on the day they were doing their First Aid Badge. The Arkayla (Head Freak) said it was just a bruise, but in about 5 minutes I looked like Barbara Streisand with a sinus allergy and had broken it clean across the bridge. It is still sensitive today. And I hope she has not been allowed to medically treat ANYONE. EVER.

6. I went to Sunday School with Trevor Immelman and had a crush on him. Probably not what the Methodists were aiming for.

7. I have a terribly poor ‘mid-memory’. I can remember things photographically (though I didn’t have your Latin teacher, Mark) for exams etc and I can remember our phone number from when I was a kid, but I can read books or see movies over and over again because I can’t remember what happened in them.

8. When I was seven I wrote in this ‘Me’ book my parents gave me(to record everything about ourselves) that in the future I was going to live in Canada. Apparently my seven-year old self was psychic.

I now challenge you all to leave me a comment of some little known fact about YOU!