In the criminal justice system, as created by Dick Wolf, it seems perfectly acceptable to make up crap, thereby perpetuating the very stereotypes I was bitching about in the previous post.

I was watching Law and Order last night and the plot was loosely based around Madonna’s adoption of David Banda from Malawi. In a nutshell, female celebrity adopts African baby to boost her publicitiy… the funny thing is, the fictional celebrity adopted her baby from…. Mununu… a FICTIONAL African country!!! As my husband commented, you couldn’t get away with making up a country from any other continent but Africa.

I mean, COME ON. L&O always has a giant disclaimer that the events and characters are fictional blah blah, but I mean really, they couldn’t use one of the other 52 remaining countries? It’s not like Madonna would sue them if they used Mozambique or South Africa instead of Malawi. This is what I am talking about when I say the media is to blame!

Dear reader, when will it end? As KM says, ‘Amandla Ngawethu!’