There has been a disturbing continuing news story here in BC – a deepening mystery involving the gruesome discovery of four severed right feet, all with socks and running shoes still intact, all found on different island shores at different times. Today, breaking the unsettling trend was the discovery of a severed LEFT foot. Now, I know I may watch a bit too much Bones and CSI, but surely someone must be, uh, missing said feet? There has apparently been no evidence of foul play and the general theory is that the dismembered feet have washed down the Fraser Valley. I can’t help but theorise about foot fetishists, over eager joggers and careless morticians. It is all very confusing, and a podiatrist’s nightmare.

While on the subject of news, I LOVE watching A Channel news – fresh from Vancouver Island. They cover hot topics like the overbreeding of bunny rabbits on the University of Victoria grounds, and randomly interrupt programs to award some Island kid who managed not to succumb to drugs, a $1000 scholarship… in order to get a kick start into those drugs? It is such a refreshing change from the horror stories back home. Of course there is the fair share of crime and mayhem here and there has been a large increase in gang-related shootings, but there are still news stories about baby birds nesting at the CBC offices, and about a duck getting rescued from the ice. It makes it all feel so … quaint and provincial. Especially when I hear stories from our doctor friend in Nowheresville, Alberta, who has had to treat a patient for, and I do not exaggerate, a paper cut. Yes, people, a paper cut. One of the lesser known fatal injuries.

I love Canada.
PS- Update! A SIXTH foot has now been found, adding to the mystery!
PPS- This was found to be a fake! Some deranged sicko put an animal paw in a shoe as a hoax!