Yes, it’s true. Canadians do seem to talk about the weather. A lot. To be fair, there is also a lot of action to go along with all that talk.

Something that I have realised from gaining a little distance and perspective is that us South Africans complain about the weather all the time. It can be glorious, sunny, a mild 25 degrees (Celsius for the foreigners) and your average Capetonian will be bitching because of the wind. Seriously. The wind. I have come to appreciate the temperate climate and generally warm weather we enjoy there so liberally, so much more! How I regret days spent not doing something because it wasn’t quite perfect! Here, it stops raining for about 30 seconds and everyone runs around like crazed ants. (Actually, if you waited for it to stop raining in Vancouver to go outdoors, you’d be a pale, Vitamin D deprived hermit).

What I love about living here is that people are much better at getting out and DOING things. Hiking, going to the beach (which in my opinion are not real beaches – logs? fake imported sand? what is this hogwash?!), hanging out at the lake, walking, eating, biking, picnicking, festivals, parades, concerts… you name it. And there is no waiting around for something better to come along.

I also love the fact that there are defined seasons. So, as long as the winter is (and snow has its own novelties), spring really feels like this mad time of regeneration, new beginnings, fresh energy and of course, the resulting offspring of various creatures. Christmas feels more, well, Christmassy, and summer is gorgeous and hot. In Vancouver we are lucky because as much as I freeze here, we don’t get the ridiculous, true Canadian winter like the rest of the country.

And like all true-isms, if it weren’t for the rain, we wouldn’t live in a rain forest.